Meta-Information and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems


  • Victor S. Melo Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Alison R. Panisson Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul
  • Rafael H. Bordini Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul



In this work we compile our research regarding meta-information in multi-agent systems. In particular, we describe some agents profiles represent- ing different attitudes which describe how agents consider meta-information in their decisions-making and reasoning processes. Furthermore, we describe how we have combined different meta-information available in multi-agent systems with an argumentation-based reasoning mechanism. In our approach, agents are able to decide more conflicts between information/arguments, given that they are able to use different meta-information (often combined) to decide between such conflicting information. Our framework for meta-information in multi- agent systems was implemented based on a modular architecture, thus other meta-information can be added, as well as different meta-information can be combined in order to create new agents profiles. Therefore, in our approach, different agents profiles can be instantiated for different application domains, allowing flexibility in the choice of how agents will deal with conflicting infor- mation in those particular domains.


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Melo, V. S., Panisson, A. R., & Bordini, R. H. (2017). Meta-Information and Argumentation in Multi-Agent Systems. ISys - Brazilian Journal of Information Systems, 10(3), 74–97.



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