Visualizing the structure of urban mobility with bundling: A case study of the city of São Paulo

  • Tallys Gustavo Martins Universidade de São Paulo
  • Nelson Lago Universidade de São Paulo
  • Higor Amario de Souza Universidade de São Paulo
  • Eduardo Felipe Zambom Santana Universidade de São Paulo
  • Alexandru Telea Universidade de Utrecht
  • Fabio Kon Universidade de São Paulo


Visualization of urban mobility data can facilitate the analysis and the decision-making process by public managers. However, mobility datasets tend to be very large and pose several challenges to the use of visualization, such as algorithm scalability and data occlusion. One approach to solve this problem is trail bundling, which groups motion trails that are spatially close in a simplified representation. This paper presents the results of adapting and using a recent bundling technique on a big dataset of urban mobility in São Paulo. The results show that bundling allows the visualization of various mobility patterns in the city.

Palavras-chave: urban mobility, data visualization, edge bundling, trajectories analysis


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MARTINS, Tallys Gustavo; LAGO, Nelson; DE SOUZA, Higor Amario; SANTANA, Eduardo Felipe Zambom; TELEA, Alexandru; KON, Fabio. Visualizing the structure of urban mobility with bundling: A case study of the city of São Paulo. In: WORKSHOP DE COMPUTAÇÃO URBANA (COURB), 4. , 2020, Rio de Janeiro. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2020 . p. 178-191. ISSN 2595-2706. DOI: