INCA: Um sistema healthcare flexível baseado no paradigma fog computing e publish/subscribe

  • José R. Torres Neto
  • Geraldo P. R. Filho
  • Leandro Y. Mano
  • Jó Ueyama


The growth of the population in need of health care and reduced mobility in many countries highlights the need to develop assistive technologies appropriate to this public. To this end, interactive applications on mobile devices are usually integrated into intelligent environments. This article proposes the INCA (IN-home healthCAre), a flexible system that combines the fog computing and publish/subscribe paradigm to individually monitor and manage individuals with reduced mobility. INCA allows you to connect new devices and applications in a scalable way to your infrastructure in real time, as well as a better use of the resources of the devices through the fog. Two interactive applications of individualized monitoring were evaluated: i) recognition of people by the image and; ii) detection of fall by means of the sensors (accelerometer and gyroscope) of a smartwatch. In addition, an evaluation of the performance of the infrastructure based on data offloading was carried out and showed promising results, being notable: i) high accuracy to identify the individuals as well as to detect their mobility; and ii) efficiency when deployed in devices with scarce resources.
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NETO, José R. Torres; FILHO, Geraldo P. R.; MANO, Leandro Y.; UEYAMA, Jó. INCA: Um sistema healthcare flexível baseado no paradigma fog computing e publish/subscribe. In: WORKSHOP DE COMPUTAÇÃO URBANA (COURB), 1. , 2017, Belém. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2017 . ISSN 2595-2706.