Evaluating an Aspect Extraction Method for Opinion Mining in the Portuguese Language

  • Breno Cardoso Universidade Federal de Lavras
  • Denilson Pereira Universidade Federal de Lavras


The opinion issued by consumers of products and services has become increasingly valued, both by other consumers and by companies. The automatic interpretation of review texts to generate information is of paramount importance. With opinion mining at the aspect level, it is possible to extract and summarize opinions about different components of a product or service. This paper evaluates the behavior of a method for extracting aspects using natural language processing tools for the Portuguese language. The aim is to investigate the maturity of the tools for Portuguese compared to the already consolidated tools for the English language. The evaluation was carried out in three datasets from two different domains with original texts in Portuguese and their translations into English, and vice versa, and the results indicate that there is no difference between languages.

Palavras-chave: aspect extraction, opinion mining, Portuguese language, sentiment analysis


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