MonTh: A Tool for Automated Monitoring of Threats

  • Arthur Urbano UECE
  • Douglas Silva UECE
  • Maria Mesquita UECE
  • Yago Melo Costa UECE
  • Mariana Cirino UECE
  • Rafael Lopes Gomes UECE


The growing sophistication of cyber threats demands advanced solutions to protect data integrity and confidentiality. One approach to dealing with this scenario is Threat Intelligence, which is crucial in enabling companies and institutions to gather data about potential threats and address security incidents based on that information. Within this context, this work presents the MonTh tool for data collection from VirusTotal, AbuseIPDB, Shodan, IBM X-Force, and AlienVault databases. This tool empowers companies/institutions to update automatically on new threats emerging through valuable indicators concerning suspicious IPs and domains.
Palavras-chave: Security, Privacy, Internet of Things
URBANO, Arthur; SILVA, Douglas; MESQUITA, Maria; COSTA, Yago Melo; CIRINO, Mariana; GOMES, Rafael Lopes. MonTh: A Tool for Automated Monitoring of Threats. In: INDUSTRY TRACK - LATIN-AMERICAN SYMPOSIUM ON DEPENDABLE COMPUTING (LADC), 12. , 2023, La Paz/Bolívia. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2023 . p. 196–199.