Systematic Literature Review of System Engineering Design Methods

  • Diego C. Sales IFAM
  • Leandro Buss Becker UFSC


This paper provides a systematic literature review of System Engineering (SE) design methods, SE standards, process models, and its employment in Model-Based System Engineering (MBSE). Currently, there are three major standards being applied to non-defense domain, covering different levels of details related to a system's life cycle. It also details other related standards and guidelines that have focused in different features. Given that the choice of which standard to adopt in a certain project is a challenge, this paper presents some elements that might help designers making the appropriate choice. A paradigm about MBSE methodologies and traditional SE process document-based is related, and it can be anticipated that conclusions goes towards using MBSE and multi-standards in SE projects.

Palavras-chave: Methods, Systems Engineering, model-based System Engineer, standards, project


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