Alternative N-bit Key Data Encryption for Block Ciphers

  • Kayque Damasceno UFAM/Sidia Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia
  • Carlos cruz UFAM
  • Anderson de Oliveira Sidia Instituto de Ciência e Tecnologia
  • Luís de Castro UFAM


Post-encryption patterns are cribs that can be used by adversaries to unlock the encryption key both in symmetric or asymmetric cryptography, compromising security. Different methods to mitigate the problem, with their advantages and disadvantages, can be found in the literature, including one-time pad encryption, code-based cryptography and cipher block chaining. This work presents an alternative technique to generate an n-bit, n-block and key cipher that can be derived from reasonable short length key. The proposed technique is able to mitigate post-encryption patterns. Experimental results asserting the capabilities of the proposed cipher techniques are presented and discussed in the text.


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