A Platform for Keyword Search and its Application for COVID-19 Pandemic Data


  • Yenier T. Izquierdo PUC-Rio
  • Grettel M. Garcia PUC-Rio
  • Melissa Lemos PUC-Rio
  • Alexandre Novello PUC-Rio
  • Bruno Novelli PUC-Rio
  • Cleber Damasceno PUC-Rio
  • Luiz André P. P. Leme UFF
  • Marco A. Casanova PUC-Rio




COVID-19 data, Platform, Keyword search, SQL


Keyword search is typically associated with information retrieval systems. However, recently, keyword search has been expanded to relational databases and RDF datasets, as an attractive alternative to traditional database access. This paper introduces DANKE, a platform for keyword search over databases, and discusses how third-party applications can be equipped with DANKE to take advantage of a data retrieval mechanism that does not require users to have specific technical skills for searching, retrieving and exploring data. The paper ends with the description of an application, called CovidKeyS, which uses DANKE to implement keyword search over three COVID-19 data scenarios.


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T. Izquierdo, Y., M. Garcia, G., Lemos, M., Novello, A., Novelli, B., Damasceno, C., P. P. Leme, L. A., & Casanova, M. A. (2021). A Platform for Keyword Search and its Application for COVID-19 Pandemic Data. Journal of Information and Data Management, 12(5). https://doi.org/10.5753/jidm.2021.1904



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