A Topical Word Embeddings for Text Classification

  • João Marcos Carvalho Lima UECE
  • José Everardo Bessa Maia UECE


This paper presents an approach that uses topic models based on LDA to represent documents in text categorization problems. The document representation is achieved through the cosine similarity between document embeddings and embeddings of topic words, creating a Bag-of-Topics (BoT) variant. The performance of this approach is compared against those of two other representations: BoW (Bag-of-Words) and Topic Model, both based on standard tf-idf. Also, to reveal the effect of the classifier, we compared the performance of the nonlinear classifier SVM against that of the linear classifier Naive Bayes, taken as baseline. To evaluate the approach we use two bases, one multi-label (RCV-1) and another single-label (20 Newsgroup). The model presents significant results with low dimensionality when compared to the state of the art.


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