Where do I Go: Sistema de Recomendações Turísticas

  • Mauricio de Freitas Univali
  • Anita Fernandes UNIVALI


Abstract. This paper describes the development of Where do I Go, a Mobile Tourist Recommendations System that uses recommendation of interest points according to user profile, temporal and semantic constraints, using Case Based Reasoning (CBR). The application aims to make recommendations to tourists during the experimentation of the city, which are in accordance with their tourism preferences and the context at the time of recommendation. CBR stores knowledge around a particular domain in case format, where each case has a problem part and another solution. CBR is premised on the fact that similar problems have similar solutions, where the basis for solving new problems is previously solved problems.


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DE FREITAS, Mauricio; FERNANDES, Anita. Where do I Go: Sistema de Recomendações Turísticas. In: ESCOLA REGIONAL DE INFORMÁTICA DE MATO GROSSO (ERI-MT), 10. , 2019, Cuiabá. Os Anais da X Escola Regional de Informática de Mato Grosso. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, nov. 2019 . p. 181-183. DOI: https://doi.org/10.5753/eri-mt.2019.8627.