The Life Improvement in Quality by Ubiquitous Experiences Workshop (LIQUE) is part of IMX 2022 - ACM International Conference on Interactive Media Experiences. The event aims to contribute to immersive experiences to improve the quality of life, highlighting the development of initiatives that go beyond entertainment in the global search for new uses of interactive media in a diverse environment. The Proceedings of LIQUE 2022 bring the articles selected for presentation at the event.

Topics of Interest

LIQUE topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Understanding users and audience interests and their relation with the content of interactive systems for life quality
  • Developing new content forms, formats, and interactions for media/video-centric experiences for life quality and healthcare
  • New database developments based on a diversity of research results in interactive systems for life quality
  • Analyzing and developing underlying models, technologies, and systems for Ubiquitous Experiences for life quality
  • Creating tools and workflows for interactive systems aiming at life quality
  • Exploring the use and implications of AI and Machine Learning in interactive systems aiming at quality of life
  • Developing innovative models and techniques for life quality in social isolation environments
  • Understanding wider social and cultural contexts of environments and Earth equilibrium
  • Applications in the ambient area such as pollutions control, urbanism, traffic, and others
  • Applications in education, such as teaching and simulations
  • Applications in health care, such as diagnosis, procedure training, therapy, and rehabilitation
  • Applications in any area aiming to improve life quality

Additional information

You can find more information about LIQUE by visiting the event's website.