A Lightweight Technology Change Management Approach to Facilitating Reuse Adoption

  • Vinicius Cardoso Garcia UFPE / C.E.S.A.R
  • Liana Barachisio Lisboa UFPE / C.E.S.A.R
  • Frederico Araújo Durão C.E.S.A.R
  • Eduardo Santana de Almeida C.E.S.A.R
  • Silvio Romero de Lemos Meira UFPE / C.E.S.A.R


The growing interest of software reuse by software organizations makes adoption and evaluation of reuse an essential activity. Many organizations struggle in their attempts to select appropriate reuse practices (methods, techniques and tools support) in their processes. In this way, we propose a lightweight technology change management approach to facilitate the adoption of software reuse practices, according to the organization’s software reuse capability.


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