Agile Teaching Practices: Using TDD and BDD in Software Development Teaching

  • Fabio Gomes Rocha
  • Layse Santos Souza
  • Thiciane Suely Couto Silva
  • Guillermo Rodriguez


In this paper, we aimed to analyze the application and contribution of the use of Test-Driven Development (TDD) and Behavior-Oriented Development (BDD) in Software Engineering teaching. As empirical research, we presented an experiment conducted in the Software Engineering Laboratory (LES) course of a Private University (Tiradentes University) in the Bachelor of Computer Science and Information Systems courses. This experiment demonstrated the fundamentals in verifying the learning difficulties of students. Collected data were subjected not only to quantitative analysis but also to appropriate statistical analysis. The results showed a reduction in student absences, higher student satisfaction rate and higher grades in the courses. Furthermore, our approach allowed students to deliver a product in a short period, representing a possibility of adoption of BDD due to their successful learning experience.



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