One-millisecond low-cost synchronization of wireless sensor network

  • Robson Linhares UTFPR
  • Carlos R. E. Lima UTFPR
  • Douglas Renaux UTFPR
  • Fabiana Pottker UTFPR
  • Elder Oroski UTFPR
  • Andre Lazzaretti UTFPR
  • Bruna Mulinari UTFPR
  • Hellen Ancelmo UTFPR
  • Adriano Gamba UTFPR
  • Luiz Bernardi UTFPR
  • Lucas Lima UTFPR


Precise time synchronization is an important requirement for a wide set of distributed applications in which timestamped data should be produced by distributed nodes and then correlated with a limited amount of timing. There are several techniques and protocols that address this issue, however, most of them rely on specialized hardware and/or software solutions, thus incurring on relatively high cost to deploy a synchronization network. In this paper, a low cost approach to synchronize a network of wireless sensors is proposed and applied in the context of an electrical power monitoring system, which is then used to build a dataset that supports research in the area of Non-Intrusive Load Monitoring (NILM). The monitoring system is designed to detect load events on several distributed nodes of a power circuit and to synchronize, with a millisecond precision, the voltage and current data collected on them. Results show that such a precision can be achieved with simple and relatively low-cost hardware, enabling this solution to be used on several contexts where the budget and time requirements are important concerns.

Palavras-chave: Power, Energy and Thermal Aware Systems, Wireless Sensor Networks


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