Superpixel Image Classification with Graph Attention Networks

  • Pedro H. C. Avelar UFRGS
  • Anderson R. Tavares UFRGS
  • Thiago L. T da Silveira UFSM
  • Clíudio R. Jung UFRGS
  • Luís C. Lamb UFRGS


This paper presents a methodology for image classification using Graph Neural Network (GNN) models. We transform the input images into region adjacency graphs (RAGs), in which regions are superpixels and edges connect neighboring superpixels. Our experiments suggest that Graph Attention Networks (GATs), which combine graph convolutions with self-attention mechanisms, outperforms other GNN models. Although raw image classifiers perform better than GATs due to information loss during the RAG generation, our methodology opens an interesting avenue of research on deep learning beyond rectangular-gridded images, such as 360-degree field of view panoramas. Traditional convolutional kernels of current state-of-the-art methods cannot handle panoramas, whereas the adapted superpixel algorithms and the resulting region adjacency graphs can naturally feed a GNN, without topology issues.
Palavras-chave: superpixel, graph attention networks, graph neural networks
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AVELAR, Pedro H. C.; TAVARES, Anderson R.; DA SILVEIRA , Thiago L. T; JUNG, Clíudio R.; LAMB, Luís C.. Superpixel Image Classification with Graph Attention Networks. In: CONFERENCE ON GRAPHICS, PATTERNS AND IMAGES (SIBGRAPI), 33. , 2020, Evento Online. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2020 . p. 311-317.