Boundary particle resampling for surface reconstruction in liquid animation

  • Afonso Paiva University of São Paulo
  • Nicolas Oe University of São Paulo
  • Paulo Pagliosa Federal University of Mato Grosso do Sul
  • Douglas Cedrim University of São Paulo
  • Marcos Sandim University of São Paulo


In this paper, we present a novel adaptive particle resampling method tailored for surface reconstruction of level-sets defined by the boundary particles from a particle-based liquid simulation. The proposed approach is simple and easy to implement, and only requires the positions of the particles to identify and refine regions with small and thin fluid features accurately. The method comprises four main stages: boundary detection, feature classification, particle refinement and surface reconstruction. For each simulation frame, firstly the free-surface particles are captured through a boundary detection method. Then, the boundary particles are classified and labeled according to the deformation and the stretching of the free-surface computed from the Principal Component Analysis (PCA) of the particle positions. The particles placed at feature regions are refined according to their feature classification. Finally, we extract the free-surface of the zero level-set defined by the resampled boundary particles and its normals. In order to render the free-surface, we demonstrate how the traditional methods of surface fitting in Computer Graphics and Computational Physics literature can benefit from the proposed resampling method. Furthermore, the results shown in the paper attest the effectiveness and robustness of our method when compared to state-of-the-art adaptive particle resampling techniques.

Palavras-chave: Particle resampling, Boundary particles, Surface reconstruction, Particle-based fluids, Liquid animation


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