A GPU-based DP algorithm for solving multiple instances of the knapsack problem

  • Dayllon V. X. Lemos UFG
  • Humberto J. Longo UFG
  • Wellington S. Martins UFG
  • Les R. Foulds UFG


The knapsack problem is a classic and fundamental optimisation problem that serves as a subproblem in various optimisation algorithms. Thus, it is of great importance that we manage to solve several instances of the knapsack problem in a fast and efficient way. In this work we present a parallel algorithm, based on dynamic programming, that can take advantage of parallelism as more knapsacks need to be solved. The algorithm makes use of fine-grained data parallelism and is easily mapped to GPU accelerators. Extensive experiments with diverse datasets demonstrate the superiority of the proposed algorithm, achieving relevant speedups compared to a serial algorithm.
Palavras-chave: Multidimensional Knapsack, Graphics Processing Unit, MKP, GPU, Dynamic Programming


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