A Systematic Review of Rapid Prototyping Tools for Augmented Reality

  • Gabriel Freitas PUCRS
  • Marcio Sarroglia Pinho PUCRS
  • Milene Selbach Silveira PUCRS
  • Frank Maurer University of Calgary


The creation of low fidelity prototypes for Augmented Reality (AR) applications can be more challenging compared to the others technologies. Due to the unique characteristics of AR applications (combine the real and virtual world) developers and designers can face a lack of tools that helps in the conception of low fidelity prototypes, reducing the possibility for testing new ideas and iterations. Based on an analysis of 39 different resources from research and industry, we discuss a set of artifacts (tools, frameworks, and software) for rapid prototyping for AR. We found 30 artifacts for high and low fidelity prototypes and provide a list of tools that can facilitate the design of AR applications for HMD and smartphone devices in the early stages of design, discussing their benefits and limitations.
Palavras-chave: augmented reality, prototypes, low fidelity, systematic literature review
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FREITAS, Gabriel; PINHO, Marcio Sarroglia; SILVEIRA, Milene Selbach; MAURER, Frank. A Systematic Review of Rapid Prototyping Tools for Augmented Reality. In: SIMPÓSIO DE REALIDADE VIRTUAL E AUMENTADA (SVR), 22. , 2020, Evento Online. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2020 . p. 29-39.