Authoring and Visualization Tool for Augmented Scenic Performances Prototyping and Experience

  • Victor Rogério Souza Ferreira IFMA
  • Lisle Faray de Paiva IFMA
  • Anselmo Cardoso de Paiva IFMA
  • Régis Costa de Oliveira Universidade de Lisboa
  • Mónica Sofia Santos Mendes Universidade de Lisboa
  • Ivana Marcia Oliveira Maia IFMA


Theres a growing interest in the use of Augmented Reality technologies in artistic practices for performance execution and also for its use in the production proccess. The ability to overlay visual media onto the real world or more specific onto the performer body in real-time has also captured the imagination of performance artists. Also directors and choreographers glimpse the uses and applications of augmented reality in their production workflow. These applications provide specific challenges that require adaptations to standard content creation workflows. The present work describes the design and implementation of an authoring application for AR-based performance art, initially developed to support augmented performances but extended also to the prototyping of choreographies and costumes uses. The application enables several virtual augmented effects like images, videos, and 3D models to be attached simultaneously to the performer's body. This paper is presented as an application presentation providing a general view of the proposed solution and describing its development. We may see effectiveness of the authoring application and establishes concrete requirements for a more generic tool to support the development of Artistic Performances with Augmented Reality
Palavras-chave: Augmented Reality, Prototyping / Implementation, Artistic Performance, Innovative interfaces, Multi-disciplinary
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FERREIRA, Victor Rogério Souza; DE PAIVA, Lisle Faray; DE PAIVA, Anselmo Cardoso; DE OLIVEIRA, Régis Costa; MENDES, Mónica Sofia Santos; MAIA, Ivana Marcia Oliveira. Authoring and Visualization Tool for Augmented Scenic Performances Prototyping and Experience. In: SIMPÓSIO DE REALIDADE VIRTUAL E AUMENTADA (SVR), 22. , 2020, Evento Online. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2020 . p. 96-101.