Exploring Pull Requests in Code Samples

  • Matheus Melo UFMS
  • Gabriel Menezes UFMS
  • Bruno Cafeo UFMS


The interaction between organizations and their clients (actors) around a common platform can be studied as Software Ecosystem (SECO). Code samples are software projects made available by organizations to help their clients in the learning process of the features from their platforms. In this context, actors’ interactions are important to keep a healthy SECO. Pull requests can be a tool to facilitate these interactions. In this study, we explore the contributions of code sample clients through pull requests. In addition, we assess the distribution of review activity between code sample maintainers. As result, we found that majority of pull requests are reviewed and accepted. Also, accepted pull requests take less time to be reviewed. Finally, few maintainers are responsible to review them.

Palavras-chave: code samples, pull requests, software ecosystems


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