Application Oriented Proposal to manage Scalable Video for the Next-Generation of Brazilian DTV Broadcasting System

  • Marcelo Lobeiro SIDIA
  • Rodrigo Admir Vaz SIDIA
  • Luiz Gustavo Pacola Alves SIDIA
  • Hélio Fujimoto SIDIA


This paper aims to introduce a new approach to play and control Scalable Video (high-quality video bitstream that also contains one or more subsets of bitstreams) in the next-generation Brazilian DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) system, called TV 3.0. While current Brazilian DTT system (TV 2.5) is oriented by channel selection, TV3.0 aims to adopt an application-oriented approach, in which TV context is driven by application. This new scenario will allow TV broadcaster to improve quality of video content by applying Video Scalability in the Brazilian middleware for interactive applications (named as DTV Play). This paper proposes an extension of DTV Play API and presents a proof-of-concept in which a DTV Play application is able to select the Scalable Video content mapped in MPD (Media Presentation Description), so that videos may be presented with better quality when Scalable Video BL (Basic layer) is combined with EL (Enhancement layers).


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