Gamificação para o Ensino de Computação na Educação Básica

  • Michel Girotto Brum
  • Marcia E. J. Kniphoff da Cruz


The teaching of Computing in Brazil has been stimulated with specific activities, but it needs to be encouraged for its consolidation. In order to contribute to this proposal, this experience report presents results of activities carried out in an optional discipline of Robotics in a basic education school. Considering that Robotics allows the introduction of content of Computing and that the students are digital natives, the game was applied that consists of applying the principles of game design to the methodology of teaching. The results showed a significant improvement in the learning of the content worked in the discipline and expansion of social skills.

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BRUM, Michel Girotto; DA CRUZ, Marcia E. J. Kniphoff. Gamificação para o Ensino de Computação na Educação Básica. In: WORKSHOP SOBRE EDUCAÇÃO EM COMPUTAÇÃO (WEI), 25. , 2017, São Paulo. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2017 . ISSN 2595-6175. DOI: