The Case for Resource Sharing in Scientific Workflow Executions

  • Ricardo Oda USP
  • Daniel Cordeiro USP
  • Rafael da Silva USC
  • Ewa Deelman USC
  • Kelly Braghetto USP


Scientific workflows have become mainstream for conducting largescale scientific research. The execution of these applications can be very costly in terms of computational resources. Therefore, optimizing their resource utilization and efficiency is highly desirable, even in computational environments where the processing resources are plentiful, such as clouds. In this work, we study the case of exploring shared multiprocessors within a single virtual machine. Using a public cloud provider and real-world applications, we show that the use of dedicated processors can lead to sub-optimal performance of scientific workflows. This is a first step towards the creation of a self-aware resource management system inline with the state-of-the-art multitenant platforms.


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