Optimizing Geophysics Models Using Thread and Data Mapping

  • Matheus S. Serpa UFRGS
  • Eduardo H. M. Cruz IFPR
  • Jairo Panetta ITA
  • Philippe O. A. Navaux UFRGS


Many software mechanisms for geophysics exploration in Oil & Gas industries are based on wave propagation simulation. To perform such simulations, state-of-art HPC architectures are employed, generating results faster at each generation. It is therefore of paramount importance to optimize their operation on modern processors. In this paper, we study the impact of thread and data mapping strategies, revealing that, with smart mapping policies, one can indeed significantly speed up these simulations on modern architectures. We reduced the execution time by up to 33.5% and 58.6% on Intel’s multi-core Xeon and many-core accelerator Xeon Phi Knights Landing, respectively.
Palavras-chave: Instruction sets, Random access memory, Geophysics, Computational modeling, Data models, Computer architecture, thread mapping, data mapping, memory accesses
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SERPA, Matheus S.; CRUZ, Eduardo H. M.; PANETTA, Jairo; NAVAUX, Philippe O. A.. Optimizing Geophysics Models Using Thread and Data Mapping. In: SIMPÓSIO EM SISTEMAS COMPUTACIONAIS DE ALTO DESEMPENHO (WSCAD), 19. , 2018, São Paulo. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2018 . p. 135-141.