• Brazilian Journal of Computers in Education

    Revista Brasileira de Informática na Educação - RBIE (ISSN 2317-6121), criada em 1997, é uma publicação mantida pela Comissão Especial de Informática na Educação (CEIE) da Sociedade Brasileira de Computação em parceria com pesquisadores e universidades do país e do exterior.

  • Computing Brazil

    The magazine Computing Brazil (CB) is the journalistic publication of the Brazilian Society of Computing. Topics related to Information Technology, Higher Education in Computing and Informatics, Information Society and public policies for the Informatics sector are addressed, thus contemplating the entire academic community.

  • Journal of Software Engineering Research and Development

    The aim of the Journal of Software Engineering and Research Development (JSERD), a fully open access journal, is to inform the readers about state of the art of software engineering by publishing high quality papers that represent results of consolidated research and innovations in software engineering and related areas.

  • iSys - Brazilian Journal of Information Systems

    iSys is a scientific publication of the Special Committee on Information Systems (CESI) of the Brazilian Society of Computing (SBC). The journal publishes studies that analyze information systems from three perspectives: development, management and infrastructure. In addition to submissions for thematic calls (or special issues), iSys also receives submissions in a stream. For submissions, authors should follow submission-related policies and information.

  • Journal of Information and Data Management

    JIDM is an electronic journal that is published three times a year. Submissions are continuously received, and the first phase of the reviewing process usually takes 4 to 6 weeks. JIDM is sponsored by the Brazilian Computer Society, focusing on information and data management in large repositories and document collections. It relates to different areas from Computer Science, including databases, information retrieval, digital libraries, knowledge discovery, data mining and geographical information systems. 

  • Journal on Interactive Systems

    The SBC Journal on Interactive Systems (JIS) is a publication of the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC), maintained and supported by the interest groups on Human-Computer Interaction,  Games and Virtual Reality. The main goals of this publication include to disseminate original scientific works on (and accross) the areas of virtual reality, augmented reality, human-computer interaction, games, and entertainment computing; to introduce scientific projects under development by research groups focused on contributing to the state-of-the-art of the related themes; and to provide a forum that allows the exchange of specialists' opinions about the main challenges in the area.