Distance and Similarity Measures in Comparative Genomics

  • Diego P. Rubert UFMS
  • Jens Stoye Bielefeld University
  • Fábio H. V. Martinez UFMS


Research in comparative genomics supports the investigation of important questions in molecular biology, genetics and biomedicine. A central question in this field is the elucidation of similarities and differences between genomes by means of different measures. This summary, submitted to CTD 2020, briefly describes the main contributions, originality and impact possibilities of the thesis entitled "Distance and Similarity Measures in Comparative Genomics", by Diego P. Rubert.

Palavras-chave: Double-cut-and-join (DCJ), Genome rearrangements, Comparative genomics, Approximation algorithms, Heuristics, Integer linear programming, Local genome rearrangements, Ancestral genome reconstruction


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