AutoParBench: A Unified Test Framework for OpenMP-based Parallelizers


After decades of advances in techniques of automatic parallelization, software developers can count, today, on many different tools that transform a program, so that it runs in parallel. Yet, most of these tools are still considered research artifacts. They contain latent bugs, often consequence of a sparsity of testing frameworks for autoparallelizers. This dissertation describes one such framework: AutoParBench - the product of a cooperation between UFMG's Compilers Lab, and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory. AutoParBench is today publicly available, and has been successfully used to find three zero-day bugs in the Intel C Compiler. Its usage also uncovered problems in more research-oriented tools: 2 bugs in DawnCC, 4 in Rose AutoPar and 2 in Cetus. All these bugs have been confirmed, and some of them have been already fixed as an aftermath of this work.
Palavras-chave: Automatic Parallelization, Compilers, Optimization


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