T2-UXT: A Tool to Support Transparency Evaluation in Software Ecosystems Portals

  • Kennedy Edson Silva de Souza UFPA
  • Rodrigo Oliveira Zacarias UFF
  • Marcos César da Rocha Seruffo UFPA
  • Rodrigo Pereira dos Santos UNIRIO


The concept of transparency allows stakeholders to learn and understand the elements and processes in the context of web portals for collaborative development, being a fundamental requirement for a software ecosystem (SECO) platform. Its absence brings problems regarding the communication between developers as well as the understanding of the provided information, being harmful to SECO health. In this context, this paper presents a tool to allow the evaluation of characteristics that contribute to a SECO portal transparency, called T2-UXT. To do so, this tool produces visual artifacts and indicators from the user's experience. An initial evaluation with SECO developers was performed to demonstrate the use of T2-UXT. Android and iOS SECO portals were selected and developers' interaction in the execution of five tasks on both pages were monitored. The results show that T2-UXT generates indicators that assist in the transparency evaluation process for SECO portals.
Palavras-chave: Eye-tracking, SECO Portals, Mouse-Tracking, Evaluation Methods, Transparency
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SOUZA, Kennedy Edson Silva de; ZACARIAS, Rodrigo Oliveira; SERUFFO, Marcos César da Rocha; SANTOS, Rodrigo Pereira dos. T2-UXT: A Tool to Support Transparency Evaluation in Software Ecosystems Portals. In: SIMPÓSIO BRASILEIRO DE ENGENHARIA DE SOFTWARE (SBES), 34. , 2020, Natal. Anais [...]. Porto Alegre: Sociedade Brasileira de Computação, 2020 .