Probabilistic classification of educational videos considering comments: an experimental analysis on Youtube

  • Henrique C. F. B. Carvalho UFU
  • Cristiano G. Pitangui UFSJ
  • Fabiano A. Dorça UFU
  • Catrine S. Oliveira UFSJ
  • Eduardo A. C. Trindade UFVJM
  • Alessandro V. Andrade UFVJM
  • Luciana P. Assis UFVJM


Youtube is a constantly growing video platform that is massively used for teachers and students in the teaching and learning process. Some works point an important issue in Youtube search mechanism, as in many cases, the number of results returned by the platform is very large and not related to the search performed. In this sense, some works proposed methodologies to classy Youtube videos as educational or not to help in searching more specific educational content. This work develops a new methodology that probabilistically classify Youtube videos as educational or non-educational using its comments. Preliminary results show that comments can be used in order to probabilistically classify a video with high accuracy rates.


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