IDIT-SDN: Intrusion Detection Framework for Software-defined Wireless Sensor Networks

  • Gustavo A. Nunez Segura Universidad de Costa Rica
  • Arsenia Chorti ETIS UMR8051 / CY Université / ENSEA / CNRS
  • Cíntia Borges Margi USP


Software-Defined Networking has been used to leverage security solutions for wireless sensor networks. However, this paradigm turns networks vulnerable to distributed denial of service attacks. IDIT-SDN is a tool for Software-defined Wireless Sensor Networks devised for DoS and DDoS attacks simulation and detection. This tool provides a framework for anomaly detection and a communication protocol to share security wise information from the sensor network to the controller. We demonstrate its use by showing a cooperative DDoS attack detection and attacker identification application based on distributed (every node) and centralized (controller) anomaly detection.


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