Mininet-WiFi: Plataforma de Emulação para Redes sem Fio Definidas por Software

  • Ramon dos Reis Fontes Unicamp
  • Christian Esteve Rothenberg University of Campinas - UNICAMP


Software-Defined Wireless Networking (SDWN) has gained attraction as an appealing approach to decouple radio control functions, such as spectrum management, mobility management, and interference management, from the radio data plane devices. Despite diverse ongoing efforts to realize the vision of SDWN, many questions remain open from multiple perspectives, one of them being effective means to experiment and rapid prototyping of software components applicable to real-world deployments. To this end, realistic emulation of SDWN environments has the potential to boost research and development efforts by reusing existing protocol and application stacks while mimicking the behavior of real wireless networks. This thesis is centered around the feasibility of such an approach through the design, implementation, and evaluation of the Mininet-WiFi wireless network emulator.


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