End-to-End Network Slices: From Network Function Profiles to Fine-Grained SLAs

  • Raphael V. Rosa Universidade Estadual de Campinas
  • Christian Esteve Rothenberg University of Campinas - UNICAMP


Towards end-to-end network slicing, diverse envisioned 5G services (eg, augmented reality, vehicular communications, IoT) Call for advanced multi-administrative domain service deployments, open challenges from vertical Agreement (SLA) -based orchestration hazards. Through different proposed methodologies and demonstrated prototypes, this work showcases: the automated extraction of network function profiles; the manners to analyze how such profiles compose programmable network slice footprints; and the means to perform fine-grained auditable SLAs for end-to-end network slicing among multiple administrative domains. Sustained on state-of-the-art networking concepts, this work presents contributions by detecting roots on standardization efforts and best-of-breed open source embodiments, each one standing prominent future work topics in shape of its shortcomings.


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