Preprocessing Profiling Model for Visual Analytics

  • Alessandra Maciel Paz Milani PUCRS
  • Fernando V. Paulovich DAL
  • Isabel Harb Manssour PUCRS


Analyzing and managing raw data are still a challenging part of the data analysis process, mainly regarding data preprocessing. Although we can find studies proposing design implications or recommendations for visualization solutions in the data analysis scope, they do not focus on challenges during the preprocessing phase. Likewise, the current Visual Analytics processes do not consider preprocessing an equally important stage in their process. Thus, with this study, we aim to contribute to the discussion of how we can use and combine methods of visualization and data mining to assist data analysts during the preprocessing activities. To achieve that, we introduce the Preprocessing Profiling Model for Visual Analytics, which contemplates a set of features to inspire the implementation of new solutions. In turn, these features were designed considering a list of insights we obtained during an interview study with thirteen data analysts. Our contributions can be summarized as offering resources to promote a shift to a visual preprocessing.


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