Modular Multi-Face Tracking Geared Toward Face Recognition in Surveillance Videos

  • Cássio B. Nascimento UFPR
  • Adolfo J. Neto EBTS Empresa Brasileira de Tecnologias e Sistemas Ltda
  • Luciano Silva UFPR


Face recognition has achieved great accuracy when used in controlled conditions, however, these results aren’t usually carried over to video surveillance scenarios. To facilitate the use of face recognition for video surveillance, face selection can be employed as an intermediate step. This dissertation presents a study of face selection where we rework a multi-face tracking pipeline and with few changes manage to increase tracking and reconnection capabilities. Through experimentation with different face detection models, random parameter search and a simpler face quality measure, we achieved an increase of 10.1% in Multiple Object Tracking Precision (MOTP) and 9% more in the IDF1 metric. All experiments were conducted on a public multi-face tracking dataset, which we also expanded through manual video annotations.


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