An Immersive Approach based on Two Levels of Interaction for Exploring Multiple Coordinated 3D Views

  • Carlos Quijano-Chavez UFRGS
  • Luciana Nedel UFRGS
  • Carla M. D. S. Freitas UFRGS


The interaction with multiple 3D visualizations in 2D conventional displays lacks usability and does not guarantee the usefulness the extra dimension provides. Immersive visualization techniques can potentially fulfill these gaps by providing 3D visualizations and novel 3D interactions simultaneously. In this paper, we propose a new approach for interacting with composite and multiple coordinated visualizations in immersive virtual environments. We use a 3D-WIMP-like concept, i.e., virtual cubes (Spaces), for encapsulating views, which the user can freely control in the virtual environment. We compared our approach with a desktop version to evaluate its performance when dealing with composed tasks.
Palavras-chave: Multiple coordinated views, Virtual reality, Immersive analytics


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