Projetando a Usabilidade e a Experiência do Usuário com a Técnica UXUG-AP: um Estudo Exploratório

  • Aline Sousa UFPR
  • Natasha Valentim UFPR


Be different and distinguish itself among the technologies is intrinsic to the current agile software development. However, we still found usability and user experience (UX) defects generated by the development process, making the quality and user satisfaction unsatisfactory. Therefore, this paper presents a technique that supports the usability and UX design in agile projects, called User Experience and Usability Guidelines for Agile Project (UXUG-AP). Besides, this paper presents a qualitative analysis and user perception analysis obtained through an exploratory study about the UXUG-AP technique. The results show that the technique is considered easy to use and useful.


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