Review on Common Techniques for Urban Environment Video Analytics

  • Henry O. Velesaca ESPOL
  • Patricia L. Suárez ESPOL
  • Angel D. Sappa ESPOL / UAB
  • Dario Carpio ESPOL
  • Rafael E. Rivadeneira ESPOL
  • Angel Sanchez URJC


This work compiles the different computer vision-based approaches from the state-of-the-art intended for video analytics in urban environments. The manuscript groups the different approaches according to the typical modules present in video analysis, including image preprocessing, object detection, classification, and tracking. This proposed pipeline serves as a basic guide to representing these most representative approaches in this topic of video analysis that will be addressed in this work. Furthermore, the manuscript is not intended to be an exhaustive review of the most advanced approaches, but only a list of common techniques proposed to address recurring problems in this field.
Palavras-chave: Video Analytics, Review, Urban Environments, Smart Cities


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