A name resolution assisted ICN design, supported by opportunistic search, routing and caching policies

  • Guilherme Domingues UFRJ
  • Edmundo de Souza e Silva UFRJ
  • Rosa Leão UFRJ
  • Daniel Menasché UFRJ


Information centric networks (ICN), a new approach for content dissemination networks, has gained significant attention from researchers and practioners in recent years. ICN is an alternative to host-centric TCP/IP based architectures such as peer-to-peer networks (P2P) and content distribution networks (CDN). ICN performance analysis poses novel challenges. We consider a new design for an ICN relying on a third-party publishing area name resolution approach. The name resolution policy is responsible for directing requests to known content replicas inside the publishing areas, whereas the cache network offers support to opportunistic searching, routing and caching policies. That way, requests may be solved before reaching the publishing areas. In this paper, we propose a mathematical model yielding performance metrics such as mean time to find a searched content and the load experienced by the servers custodians as a function of the load issued by the users and the network topology.


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