Refactoring Decision based on Measurements for IoHT Apps

  • Breno Silva Oliveira UFC
  • Ítalo L. Araujo UFC
  • Joseane O. V. Paiva UFC
  • Evilasio C. Junior UFC
  • Rossana M. C. Andrade UFC


Internet of Things (IoT) provides smart objects with the ability to connect to the Internet, allowing the exchange of information among them to provide a certain service and the development of innovative applications in several domains, including e-Health, in which it is called Internet of Health Things (IoHT). This domain can be critical specially when the application deals with the monitoring of the user health in real-time, what demands software quality assurance, even more than in other applications. Measures can be used to support that, for example, measures can suggest which components need refactoring to improve the software code, thus improving the application. In this work, we report how to do that with two existing measures that guide the refactoring process of an IoHT application for fall detection, called WatchAlert. These measures indicate that changes in both the architecture and the algorithms for fall detection should occur. After the refactoring, the app accuracy was improved from 73.3% to 92.7%. We believe that this work can contribute to other studies focusing on developing applications on the IoHT domain using a methodology, a set of refactoring techniques, and lessons learned that could be replicated to improve the quality of this type of application.
Palavras-chave: Refactoring, Measures, Fall detection, Internet of Things, e-Health


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