Thirteen Years of WebMedia (2010 to 2022) - A Comprehensive Descriptive and Meta-Scientific Analysis

  • Luiz Paulo Carvalho UFRJ
  • Silas Lima Filho UFRJ
  • Michele A. Brandão IFMG
  • Mônica Ferreira Da Silva UFRJ
  • Jonice Oliveira UFRJ
  • Maria Da Graça Pimentel USP


Meta-research embraces an interdisciplinary approach with the objective of exploring, advocating for, and ensuring the integrity of rigorous scientific practices. WebMedia is the largest scientific event dedicated to the Web, Hypermedia, and Multimedia in Latin America, integrating and leading the paths of these areas in Brazil. Since 1995, Brazilian researchers and institutions have sustained and maturated the area and WebMedia. We perceive a meta-scientific social and cultural complexity through a plural and prolific community and scientific production. Based on statistical methods and social network analysis, we present an analytical-descriptive overview of various dimensions of WebMedia in its last thirteen editions, 2010–2022, based on data from its publications and derivatives, e.g., more prolific authorships, collaborations between institutions, gender distribution, analysis of abstracts. Additionally, we calculate social network metrics and generate collaboration graphs. WebMedia features a connected and involved community, a low occurrence of female authors, and a predominance of publications in Brazilian Portuguese; USP, UFMG, and UFPB stand out in terms of authorship; in collaboration, UFMG, USP, and UFC. The analysis of the abstracts shows that web and multimedia are primary topics, while hypermedia is almost null.

Palavras-chave: Webmedia, Metascience, Brazilian Computing, Social Network Analysis


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